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Our Membership Includes:

Golf Giveaways Every Weekday

Quality gear for our quality members.

You will be automatically entered to win all of our weekday giveaways. (Yes. That includes holidays, too.)

We pride ourselves on being the only golf community where you and your double-digit handicap have a chance at winning.

Pro Shop

Monthly limited drops.

These aren’t your normal drops. Shop the limited drop, find a golden ticket, and win a bonus prize.

Look good and play good with modern style combined with modern fit for the modern golfer at a modest price.

Side Games

Earn points. Win cool prizes.

Our members-only side games are another way to win quality gear. All you have to do is participate (score +1 point) and you’ll win custom golf gear every month.

Participation trophies may be lame, but we make an exception for our valued members.

Private Clubhouse

A safe space for golfers to discuss unsafe topics — like your backswing.

Connect with golfers near you, get course recommendations, ask questions about the latest gear or find your next playing partner. We don’t care…just don’t be an asshole.

Grass with golf ball and hole

A dime-a-day keeps the bogies away.

Not really. But let’s be honest — what else are you going to do with 10 cents today?

A word from our members.

Nate W.

Millcreek, UT

These dudes just get it. Great golf content, better prizes, an affordable format, and solid community. Join the club, you won’t regret it.

Brendan G.

Ballwin, MO

Great content, even better deals. These guys are dedicated to improving your game and style as well as your Instagram feed.

Connor W.

Milwaukee, WI

You can’t beat this club. Unreal prizes for such a reasonable price and the website is user friendly with some fun reads. Glad to be apart of this!

Ryan M.

St. Louis, MO

The club is legit. The daily giveaways are unreal and for 10 cents a day, why not? Everyone loves new golf gear.