What is Cut Draw?

A membership for the modern golfer without the country club price tag.

Would you join a private club that gives away things like Pro V 1s, Scotty Cameron Putters, Vokey Wedges, Range Finders, YETI coolers, TaylorMade SIM Drivers and everything in between? 

…not to mention access to golf content that doesn’t include the PC fluff you’re used to reading?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Well, what if we told you that the only thing between you and your initiation is ten cents a day?

Enter Cut Draw. We’re here to keep the game moving forward — 1 giveaway, golf story, and modern golfer at a time.

Who We Are

Average golfers trying to hit butter Cuts and baby Draws.

We’re just a couple of guys with an addiction.

No, not the bad kind. The kind where you can blade a wedge over the green and proceed to 3-putt yet still leave the course needing more. The kind where you risk it all just to get 9-holes in after work.

So, we decided to create a club and open memberships up to the other 25 million Americans who are dealing with the same thing.

Grass with golf ball and hole

A dime-a-day keeps the bogies away.

Not really. But let’s be honest — what else are you going to do with 10 cents today?