Wednesday May 5, 2021 – Sometimes it’s hard to bite your tongue when people talk shit. It’s even harder when it’s anonymous trolls on the world wide web. But alas, that’s life for today’s professional athlete – and unfortunately acting anything other than “professional” usually ends poorly.

That’s right, showing the world your big balls without being an asshole is hard, but (Talor) Gooch easily straddled both sides even after a tough showing at Valspar.

Things got a little hairy for Gooch when a losing bettor tweeted him a legendary diss: “3 bogeys in a row u are so bad @talorgooch”. Ouch.

But rather than getting salty or causing a stink, the former Cowboy had a semi-pleasant exchange, almost flew out for a $50K putt-off, and eventually Venmo’d other bettors cash. A potential PR nightmare became a PR dream. Crisis averted.

Stories like these highlight how cool the fan experience is today, but we’re also lucky Talor knew how to handle himself.

What happens when society’s lamest – the keyboard warriors – get the best of him during a low moment? Something we worry about with all this “access” we now enjoy…