Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images

Wednesday May 2, 2021 – Watch any tournament lately and you’ll see competitors fist-bumping after great shots, hamming it up with one another, being…friendly. It often feels more fraternal than fiery. We wouldn’t call it boring, but it sure could be more competitive.

Enter Bryson vs. Brooks.

After the latest installment of Capital One’s The Match was announced last week, they stole the headlines so much that Lefty, fresh on the heels of his record setting PGA Championship, had to intervene.

Whether you care about them or not, by now you’ve probably picked sides on their “feud”. It’s a classic case of Nerds vs Jocks. Overthinker vs Underthinker. Or maybe Kane vs The Undertaker?

It’s easy to point to the Player Impact Program as the engine behind the Bryson vs. Brooks drama, but even if the beef is half manufactured, do you really care?

The soap opera of a sports season is infinitely better when you layer on contrasting personalities, human psychology, and the conflict that arises when everyone has the same goal: Winning.

Players being more human makes all that happen. We’ll sign up for it every time.