UT Martin

Wednesday June 16, 2021 – A gentleman’s game filled with finesse and sportsmanship? Think again.

Luke Smith. May his name be cemented in the record books forever.

No, not for being engraved on the Wanamaker Trophy or Claret Jug, but for resting alongside the guy who stole the hearts and minds of Americans 25-years ago: Happy Gilmore.

While Happy took his skate off and tried to stab somebody, Luke said fu*k it (with some encouragement from his old man) and assaulted a fellow player, Austen Dailey, on the back of the 7th green at a Korn Ferry Tour event in Newton, KS on Monday.

Listen, everyone has a breaking point. Slow play is the absolute worst and Monday’s generally suck.

But, this isn’t some podunk mini tour. This isn’t some local muni course south of St. Louis where this is just your normal Saturday. These guys are legitimate professionals.

They have sponsors. They’re playing for real money. They’re playing for a shot at their TOUR cards.

Are we embarrassed for Luke Smith? Yes. By all accounts it sounds like Luke attacked Austen from behind like a little spider monkey.

Do we wish there was video footage? One-thousand-million-percent.

So, what’s the takeaway? Watch your 6…especially on the golf course.

…Luke’s dad sounds like an absolute wanker, as well. As they say, the 🍎 doesn’t fall too far from the tree.