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Wednesday April 21, 2021 – Si Woo Kim’s short game is back in the spotlight this week after another bizarre putting sequence.

You may remember during The Masters when Kim was forced to use his 3-wood on the green after smashing his putter out of frustration (major golf guy move). Well this weekend at RBC Heritage, he took things a step further.

Kim had a tasty putt for birdie slow to a stop about 1/8 of a roll from going in. So, he did what anyone would do: he summoned the golf gods to cut a fart and blow that sucker in….and sure enough – after a minute – they did. 

That is, until PGA Tour hall monitor Stephen “Small” Cox stuck his nose in and determined Kim’s waiting ventured past a “reasonable” amount of time. Our beautiful game was robbed of a SportsCenter Top 10 play, and all the golf purists rejoiced. Give me a break.