Wednesday April 14, 2021 – Stealing the show this past weekend was Masters darling and “Gilmore caddy doppelgänger” Will Zalatoris. The lanky 24-year old put on a crafty performance on his way to a second place finish, while us viewers practically shit our pants imagining our younger selves in his shoes. 

You know whose diaper wasn’t dirty? No, not Tony Siragusa. Nantz’s other broadcast buddy, Tony Romo.

Apparently Zalatoris and Romo go way back (because of course they do) and he’s on the record predicting this kid’s success before anyone else. And since Romo’s basically the king of predicting things before they happen…“OoOhHHh Jim they’re bringing pressure!!! Watch the fade to 88!!!!”…we’ll take his word for it.