Wednesday May 19, 2021 – Rangefinders are making their PGA Tour debut this week at Kiawah Island; a decision organizers say should help speed up play.

And although this result seems pretty obvious, players and caddies alike aren’t so sure…

Power stroker and self-proclaimed cool hat wearer Bryson DeChambeau said, “I think it may slow play down in certain scenarios where, if you’re trying to double-check [the numbers], that may not be great”.

He has a point – these are professionals with proven systems in place. The last thing they need is an additional variable to calculate. Caddies felt similarly, rattling off nerdy trigonometry formulas about why it would be a problem. Threatened much?

Rangefinders are undoubtedly a benefit on the course for us amateurs, and our friends over at Blue Tees make our favorites (check Monday’s giveaway btw).

However, we’re curious what wrinkle these will bring into the mix this weekend. And better yet, who will be the first to blame them when they put up a stinker?

Personally, we’re rooting for a bit of “chaos”.