Wednesday May 12, 2021 – Fresh off the heels of their $2.6 Billion merger with Callaway, the brothers that founded Topgolf, Steve and Dave Jolliffe, are at it again. This time in the mini golf space.

Puttshack markets itself as having “rewritten the rules of mini golf – pairing modern tech with crazy courses and cool vibes with game faces for one hell of a good time.” Currently, there are four locations worldwide with the first U.S. location (Atlanta) having opened in April.

While mini golf has been around for ages, there’s been increasing investment flowing into the space. Two notable backers include Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

Icons leveraging their distribution to jumpstart businesses is not groundbreaking. So, why should you care?

There’s a common theme surrounding all the aforementioned businesses: Golf has become an immersive experience; something that we can enjoy beyond the course. 

Companies and brands are recognizing that there is a growing number of people that have an insatiable appetite for the game.

And they’re capitalizing on it…by throwing a little fuel on the fire with a communal experience and booze. Not all that different from what we’re doing at the club (minus the booze…for now).

What’s the takeaway? 

Golf season doesn’t end, it just transforms.