Wednesday November 25, 2020 – It’s the day before Thanksgiving. It’s also one, if not the biggest social night of the year (spare me the 2020 bullshit). Blackout Wednesday for those in the know. The homies are back in town and you’ve got nothing but a hangover feast and football to look forward to tomorrow.

If there are two things we know about partying, it’s that it takes A) money and B) a solid crew. So, we figured we’d play a little game. Of the top 10 earners on the PGA Tour in the last decade, who would we most like to rage with?

Cut Draw’s Blackout Wednesday Lineup

  1. Dustin Johnson – $56.9M – Has there been an easier answer in the history of answers? This game was made for DJ.
  2. Jason Day – $43.5M – True story. I once got so shitfaced with a group of Australian guys that I had an Australian accent by the end of the night. Sign us up for round 2.
  3. Phil Mickelson – $34.7M – Lefty loves his wine. While not our drink of choice, we could get down with a little Phireside Chat with Phil.
  4. Rickie Fowler – $37.3M – He’s sponsored by Red Bull and we do love our RBVs…
  5. Rory McIlroy – $45.9M – We’re in, just spare us the Irish whiskey. The Cut Draw boys have a love-hate relationship with Whiskey.
  6. Justin Rose – $43.6M – Rosey low-key loves his booze. We’d let him mix up some cocktails for us any day of the week.
  7. Jordan Spieth – $40.1M – He may not drink on the course, but we would have done dirty things to kick it with the Spring Break crew in the Bahamas.
  8. Bubba Watson – $38.3M – Think we could convince him to throw us a mock Champions Dinner at Augusta? If so, his stock would be through the roof.
  9. Webb Simpson – $30.0M – Webb seems like a great dude but doesn’t necessarily strike us as a socialite.
  10. Matt Kuchar – $42.2M – I mean, he (initially) tipped his replacement caddie $5,000 after winning the Mayakoba Classic with him on the bag. Shame!

Pretty strong list if we don’t say so ourselves. Do you think you could do better? If so, shoot us a DM and we’ll give you a shoutout on the page.